Jackie Chan calls Hollywood pussies

Jackie Chan is frustrated with Hollywood’s restrictions on his stunts based on stupid rules about “safety.”

“There are so many safety and insurance rules to follow,” Chan said in an interview on his Web site Sunday. “I know that they want to make sure that I’m safe when I do my stunts, but sometimes they insist that I use protective gear for even simple things, and that is frustrating. It takes so much time.”

“In Hong Kong we just go ahead and do what needs to be done. There is no safety captain on the set. I use my own stunt team because they have experience and I trust them to make the action and stunts safe.”

Jackie Chan paints Hollywood as a bunch of feeble minded housewives too scared to allow stunts to be done his way because of archaic logic. This man has been pissing on death’s face for years and he’s still here. There’s no reason a bunch of ninnies should be able to stop this mad genius.

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