Kevin Federline gets FU’d

Lots of you heard the news about Kevin Federline getting FU’d by John Cena on Raw. Well, it happened, it was great and here’s the video. It looks like every week we get to see increasing violence towards K-Fed. No one could ask for more. At the same time, it’s kind of ironic a wrestler who’s gimmick was basically being Kevin Federline slammed the actual Kevin Federline. I have no idea what that says about the attention span of some WWE fans, but you can bet it somehow relates to the life expectancy of a fruit fly

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Kira Roth
Kira Roth
15 years ago

About time someone showed K-Fed he’s not king of the world. Really the only reason he’s still with Britney is because once he breaks up with after a few weeks his popularity will go down the drain. Go Cena!

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