Kirsten Dunst goes to college

Kirsten Dunst does not want to be a one-trick pony. She wants to quit Hollywood and go to college to study art.

“It’s important to do other things. I’m not the type of actress who likes to do movie after movie after movie. It doesn’t feel like you have much of a life. You’re just taking on a new identity in a way.”

As long she doesn’t start drawing portraits of herself, I’m totally fine with her studying some useless subject. Hopefully, she’ll also want to study cosmetic dentistry and plastic surgery. You know, so she can be more well-rounded. I’m only thinking of you you sexy thing you.

That is in fact Kirsten Dunst in the photo. It’s amazing how long shots, lots of shadows and dark makeup make her look less ugly. Why didn’t anyone think of this before?

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