Madonna faces adoption problems

The father of Madonna’s adopted child feels powerless and confused as his only son is about to be taken away. In the Daily Mail interview, Yohane Banda said Madonna seemed like a “nice Christian lady” and was never told about the singer’s commitment to Kabbalah or the fact that only a decade ago her primary goal was to set the record for most erections in one night. Meanwhile, human rights groups have attempted to stop Madonna from taking the child away from a country where non-resident adoptions are forbidden and claim Madonna used her money to speed up the process.

What wonderful and caring human rights groups. Even after the father agreed to the adoption they want to keep the kid from living a better life because it’s “unfair.” Unfair to the thousands of Malawians who want to adopt during this baby market boom. It’s so hot right now, new centers have to be built just to hold the surplus children. I know I for one am taking the next flight to Malawi. One of those African babies will look so good on my mantle right next to my faberge eggs.

(Madonna might also face trouble in Britain as she has not registered the adoption with any local authorities)

Update: Madonna’s new boy left Malawi. The beginning of the end?

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