Mary-Kate casts spells

Mary Kate Olsen

To the people who were counting down to Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s 18th birthday: You’re idiots. Look at your image of perfection now! I have half a mind to burn her at the stake.

Mary Kate OlsenMary Kate OlsenMary Kate OlsenMary Kate OlsenMary Kate Olsen

  • awesome, she looks like a crack whore

  • bebe

    I love MK — her style is weird and fascinating, and if you haven’t noticed, she basically set the last few seasons trends (and her personality shines through, unlike those other crack whores addicted to rachel zoe…).

  • Ashley

    I think that she is scary now. I mean what can you do after being famous at 2 years of age and haveing billions of dollars in the bank.. Go insane! Its whats in.. And I am not saying this to be mean.. But I really hope she gets some help..

  • YOW

    MK suk dey dont have talent heloo all dey did was act(acting isn’t a big deal so Fuk yalls who think actors are big il spit i n each of there faces). hope they get caught in a fire and bur on TV

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