Naomi Campbell was arrested again

I’ll give you one guess as to why. You’re so smart. Ms. Campbell was arrested in London on suspicion of assault after a woman claimed she was attacked. The woman is believed to be Naomi’s drug counselor and insists the 36 year old supermodel scratched her whole face up.

A lawyer for Campbell in New York tells TMZ that the supermodel was in fact at the police station and accompanied by a lawyer from Schillings law firm.

It was not too long ago news of Naomi slapping and throwing phones at her housekeeper surfaced. Then news of beating her assistant followed. So I’m not sure why her workers don’t arm themselves. They should just carry around a can of mace or a knife. Then whenever Naomi Campbell makes any sudden movement they would be legally entitled to stab her. But if that’s a little too extreme for you, you can stick with macing her until the can is empty you sadistic freak.

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