Paris Hilton is not Paris Hilton

While eating at Koi, a diner went up to Paris Hilton and said,

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but you look like Paris Hilton.”

Paris was left embarrassed and offended. She replied,

“I AM Paris Hilton.”

The diner then gave her their condolences and left. Score one for the good guys.

It’s pretty bad when you think you’re someone famous and don’t get recognized. It’s worse when people think you aren’t yourself but kind of look like yourself and worry you might be offended if they mention you look like yourself. Wouldn’t you feel sorry for yourself too if you found yourself listening to someone telling you you aren’t yourself but look like yourself when you know you look like yourself because you are yourself. Savvy?

Oh and guess what Paris Hilton dressed up as for a recent Halloween party? I bet you guessed cop. Wrong. The correct answer is slut with badge and gun.

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