Scarlett Johansson is not promiscuous

Although Scarlett describes monogamy as going against natural instinct, she’s very happy in her relationship with Josh Hartnett. She also says contrary to popular belief, she is not promiscuous.

“There does seem to be a mistaken belief out there that I am sexually available somehow – which is not to say that I’m not open-minded about sex,” she continues. “Yet I wouldn’t say I’m a serial monogamist, either. I mean, I went through periods of time when I was, ah, single. But when I’m in a relationship, I’m in a relationship.”

Johansson also professes the importance of testing for sexually transmitted diseases. Scarlett herself gets an HIV test twice a year. Scarlett also enjoys sending mixed signals. I mean, is Josh cool with us or not? I don’t really care, but it’s always polite to ask.

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