Tara Reid likes to drink

In the recent issue of Us Weekly, Tara Reid says the media has blown her hard partying ways out of proportion. Radar Online puts that statement into question with an exclusive on Tara’s reign of terror. Tara showed up as the guest of an invitee to a wedding and had too much to drink at the rehearsal dinner.

“She was the definition of a trainwreck, loudly heckling the family and friends of the bride and groom during their speeches,”

You would think the story ends once Tara leaves, but it gets better.

“the wedding itself was actually dreamy because Tara spent the night outside in the lobby, crying her drunk face off.”

After that first quote, I started thinking this was gonna end with a punch in the face and I’d have someone else to laugh at for a week. It didn’t. But it did end with Tara crying in a lobby and that’s not too bad because I can always assume it was from someone punching her in the face.

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