There’s a mole inside the AP

A writer by the name of Ron Harris reviewed Kevin Federline’s Playing With Fire. He defied all logic calling it an “entertaining debut.” Here’s the meat of it.

K-Fed knows the role. He’s been hated, debated, and roundly derided for his marriage to Britney Spears. Thus, the detractors are unlikely to admit that this is nicely raw around the edges, probably some of the most sincere urban storytelling you’ll hate to admit you like.

He takes on the topics closest to him; from his rise from Fresno County obscurity to a hip-hop stage dancer to a high-profile position on the arm of Spears.

Is it Fed’s fault he’s got so much hustle? Don’t hate the hustler, hate the game.

It would make more sense if he said don’t hate the player, hate the game, but I digress. I admit he had me at “K-Fed knows the role.” He completely lost me at “some of the most sincere urban storytelling you’ll hate to admit you like.” I read this again and again. Yes, I think he was serious. No, I have not heard the album. It makes no difference. I’ve already heard Popozao and whatever it is he performed at that Kid’s Choice show. If those lyrical meltdowns are any indication the direction K-Fed took, then I can pretty much declare Ron Harris deaf. As long as I’m declaring things, I’m also declaring Kevin Federline a failure and a retard.

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