Warner Bros. is cruel

During the filming of Blood Diamond, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Connelly, Warner Bros. brought in 27 child amputees as extras. In addition to these victims of war being paid the going rate, the studio was reportedly so touched by their situation that they promised all of them prosthetic limbs when filming completed. Months later, not a single one had a new limb. When asked, Warner Bros. told them they had to wait until the release of the movie so they could milk it for publicity.

Young Nkululo Mnisi – whose arms and legs were cut off by machete-wielding rebels – used to be taunted by cruel classmates as “baboon” because of the way he ran on his stumps and crutches. Mnisi told a South African newspaper that the dream that kept him going was the promise of getting artificial limbs so he’d be able to play soccer like a normal child.

Look, there’s a sob story to go with it. Warner Bros. told Page Six that they “were working on it.” That’s pr speak for, “f**k off.” In the meantime, an African Charity has ponied up the money to outfit these kids with prosthetic limbs and said if Warner Bros. ever gets around to their “promise” the money will go to other limbless children.

Damn Warner Bros. and their empty promises. I was going to make some limbless jokes like “up in arms” or “leg to stand on” or “leg up”, but I realized I would have had to punch myself in the face. Instead, I just hope the poor baboon will play soccer one day. It would suck if someone cut up his prosthetic with a machete. Well, amusing at first, but ultimately sad because those things are expensive.

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