Warner Bros. is the devil

In addition to Warner Bros. screwing amputees out of prosthetic limbs, one of their workers maimed themselves while shooting Blood Diamond. Edward Visage, a special-effects guy, lost his hand while handling a squib (a small explosive device).

“Warner Bros. was too cheap to bring in a special-effects guy from the U.S. They used a local guy, and there was an accident and the guy lost his hand. It’s ironic because they also brought in orphans for extras who had lost their limbs from machete-wielding rebel soldiers in the war – and this guy lost a hand on set.”

This is refuted by another source who says Visage was a professional special-effects worker who, according to authorities, followed all proper procedures. The studio has compensated him and given him a prosthetic hand.

Good job Warner. You lied to amputated children about buying them prosthetic limbs and now we find out some guy’s hand was blown off. We can assume the next story will be about how Warner Bros. ironically funded the movie through blood diamonds or how they lost a bunch of machetes one night and found a group of limbless children wandering around.

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