Bob Barker quits

After 35 years hosting The Price is Right, Bob Barker has decided to retire in June. He has been considering retirement for 10 years, but has decided that he should quit while he’s still young.

Besides, hosting the daily CBS program — in which contestants chosen from the crowd “come on down” to compete for “showcases” that include trips, appliances and new cars — is “demanding physically and mentally,” he said.

Alright old man, I’m sure hosting some lame ass tv show where you stand there and talk must wear you out. Now that you got all this free time, maybe you won’t forget to take your metamucil and wash it down with some prune juice. Jesus, if I had a cushy job like this, I wouldn’t retire unless the average age of the models went above 25. Half my life would be wasted staring at their asses.

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