Britney doesn’t believe in panties

Britney showed up with no panties again. This time it was at a gas station in Santa Monica without her best friend Paris. I’m so over this. It’s like watching a dog licking its own ass. Intriguing the first couple times, but kind of disgusting the 3rd and 4th. Maybe she has a medical condition where she needs to air it out or something. Jesus, I don’t know. If you don’t believe this is Britney, TMZ has another angle.

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16 years ago

C’mon, do you really think she just happened to be photographed coming out of a car with no panties and there just happens to be a paparazzi right there ready to snap her snapper, right when everybody is wondering if there is a sex tape. C’mon � it’s a setup, and y’all are all just sheep.


16 years ago

She’s really gross. Have you seen the first pics of this? It looks like flesh-colored panties with stubble on them:

Britney Spears
Britney Spears
16 years ago

Look at my coochie as I am farting all over you.