Britney is upset

This was the skit that upset Britney yesterday. If this video doesn’t work anymore, Jimmy Kimmel calls Kevin Federline the first no-hit wonder. They then put a fake K-Fed in a box and dump him into the sea with Kimmel joking that a school of fish were just impregnated. Minutes later, Kimmel introduced Britney Speas as a surprise guest.

“Britney was blindsided and upset,” says a source familiar with the situation. “Some people from (her Jive Records) label were with her, and they were pissed. They asked that it not be shown on the (West Coast) feed.” (The skit was indeed broadcast on the West Coast.)

Britney put on a brave face as she sauntered out to present an award to Mary J. Blige. Dealing with humiliation? That’s gotta be a first for Britney. She’s so dignified. This is like throwing a water balloon at Sidney Poitier when he won his Oscar.

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