Britney Spears forgot her panties

In just a few short days of hanging out with Paris Hilton, Britney Spears has already mastered the art of the “oops, I forgot I wasn’t wearing panties” paparazzi shot. Too bad this is 4 years too late. And even though you can’t see everything in these pictures, you can pretty much guess the beating her vagina has taken what with two babies and a K-Fed. That jelly roll over her skirt is pretty hot though.

If I asked a sixth grader to make a collage of sexy, they would put these pictures between David Hasselhoff and a bunny because that’s how retarded I imagine most sixth graders to be. I mean a bunny? I asked for sexy not cute.

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celebrity fans
celebrity fans
17 years ago

Celebrity journalism is a phenomenon which is discussed regularly by journalism professionals in Denmark. More often than not, however, the debate is driven by values, opinions and myths rather than careful examination of the media products and the journalistic processes involved in making them.