Danny Devito was drunk on The View

Watch this drunk Devito ramble on The View while criticizing Bush and attempting to promote his new kids movie. Because slurring your words really helps sell a movie to curious parents. To be honest, I wasn’t really paying attention to what this little dude was saying. I was wondering how far I could punt him. 10 yards is my best guess.

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How much do reckon it takes to get Devito drunk? More or less than it would take a medium-sized dog? They would be of similar size. Half a beer, maybe?


Come on, this guys NOT drunk… It’s just that all that moronic idiocy crammed into that little fat man’s body is too much for him to bear, so some of it poured out onto the view…

Of course the view itself is so full of shit that it was a bit tough to differentiate where all the crap is actually coming from, the hostesses or the guests…

Also, That Rosie O. looks more like a giant wildebeest every time I see it…


He’s a fat drunken troll.

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