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Daniel Craig

Johnny Depp conducted a seance on the 13th anniversary of River Phoenix’s death. In return, River offers him some advice. Too bad it wasn’t “You’re being cheated out of your money.”

Daniel Craig used a penis double for Casino Royale. Say hello to your new Bond. As a bonus, Daniel Craig was also whipped in the penis.

Santa Clause 3 is just more proof Hollywood still goes for easy money.

Daniel Baldwin was recently arrested after stealing an SUV. Add another celebrity mugshot to your collection.

Even Kevin Federline’s Hospitality Rider is laughable. One of the demands: At least three (3) [Out of at least 50 audience members] of which who genuinely want to be there and swear they are not attending to be ironic or funny.

I swear I’ve seen this commercial using homicide to promote a scratch ticket before.

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