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Not celebrity related, but when you go to Costco and see frozen enchiladas that you can bake or microwave, do not buy it unless you want to remind yourself what vomiting feels like. It took all my willpower just to keep those things down. Here’s a rundown of what’s going on today. Read these while I figure out the best way to deal with these enchiladas from hell.

Stranger Than Fiction: Dramatic irony will f**k you every time. Kind of like those enchiladas.

Alessandra Ambrosio is still hot.

Pamela Anderson calls paparazzi super idiots.

Sean Lennon made a short film featuring Lindsay Lohan and some other celebs. Why?

Ashlee Simpson is Mary-Kate Olsen’s real twin except Ashlee Simpson is made of plastic while Mary-Kate is just emaciated.

More rumors of Nicole Richie getting gastric bypass surgery. Not really rumors. More like common knowledge. Does Nicole Richie think she’s smart enough to fool people into thinking she has trouble putting weight on?

Tara Reid covers up her hacked up breasts and shows up sober to the premiere of The Fountain. She looks suprisingly normal.

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