John Cusimano likes the spit

Rachael Ray

The Food Network’s Rachael Ray’s husband John Cusimano loves to be spit on and have dirty feet rubbed all over him. These are the claims Jeannine Walz makes in The National Enquirer. According to Jeannine, she and John carried on a five year affair where she was paid $500 a session to spit on him.

“We’d often have sessions at least twice a month … I virtually supported myself by spitting on him. But there was never any normal sex involved. He once offered to pay me $1,200 to perform a kinky sex act with him, but I refused.”

Reps for Rachael and John have laughed off the story. John should have just bought himself a llama. It might have been cheaper and made for a better story. He might have to watch out for Rachael though. I don’t think she’s ever eaten a llama. Monkey brains, snakes and penis maybe, but llama? No.

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I wonder if he ever got Rachael to spit on him. If so, that would be hot.

Robert Saget

I hate Rachael Ray.


If I was a guy, I would rather be spit on than have to kiss that fat, ugly, scanky, chain smoking bar hag. He only married her for her bank account, cause there isn’t anything appealing about her.

K. snibbles

dude next time you see rachael ray on tv just close your eyes and listen to her. Her voice could end an erection quicker than a game of Doom.
nails on a board.


I would do Rachael so hard she’d see God…BAM!

Paris Hiton

Rachael Ray is like my guiding angel, like she like looks out after me. She knows how to do instant mac and cheese let me tell ya!!!! WOW!!! I was amazed when she did instant mashed potatoes. Personally she is my personal like chef. THANK YOU


you guys are all fags if you think shes ugly. shes prettier than ur stank ass. go choke on a fat one. fags.

You can’t fault Rachael Ray for wanting to be rich and famous. I fault the Food Network ( Which I said should be named the Rachael Ray Network, because of all of the shows she has on there. What were they thinking anway?) She never washes anything. Takes her meat right out of the package and puts it in the pan.( who knows how long it’s been soaking in it’s own blood?) especially that poultry, YUKK) Talk about upset stomach! She has everything all lined up ready to be taken out and used on the show. She is the queen… Read more »
Ethell, and all you other Rachel bashers out there. Take a step back for a moment. You all are ganging up on Rachel like she did something wrong. She’s a talented chef, educated woman, and knows what she wants. Who cares if she doesn’t “fake it” at a book signing. Do you really think she cares who you are? No, she is a business woman. And Ethell, if you ever watched her show, you would know why she never washes anything on TV. She cleans it when she brings it home from the store. It’s all about time saving efforts.… Read more »

Thanks John, I totally agree with you.

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