Josh Hartnett denies dating co-star

That girl Josh Hartnett is rumored to be with is actress Amber Sainsbury who has a small part in Josh’s new movie 30 Days of Night. Josh is denying reports that he and Amber are more than friends after being caught with his arm around her at the Woolloomooloo hotel Blue, which is an awesome name for a hotel. Amber Sainsbury was in Hex. You probably wouldn’t remember since it got canceled 5 minutes into the show.

The pair ducked for cover when Confidential caught up with them as they were leaving Sydney on Sunday night – Sainsbury bolting into the airport terminal covering her face with a jacket and bag and Hartnett telling photographers to “get fucked”.

That’s pretty cute. Amber thinks she’s a big star now that she’s being diddled by Josh Hartnett who still claims to be with Scarlett Johansson. It’s pretty obvious that Scarlett did the dumping because who in their right mind would leave something like that. She could come home after blowing half of Hollywood and I’d still ask her if the four course meal I made was alright.

Note: The article mentions Amber Sainsbury has a huge rack. I couldn’t find any good pictures of her after 10 seconds of searching so I put up Scarlett.

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16 years ago

I hope they are not dating. Look at her:

16 years ago

Actually, you have the wrong Hex cast member. It is Jemima Rooper who is in ‘The Black Dahlia’, not Amber.

16 years ago

you are kidding me… Josh would never leave Scarlett for some small town, very small time almost an extra waitress – sorry “actress”. is she 26??? Think there is only one person delighting in this media driven association…