Justin Timberlake makes fun of Janet Jackson

Justin Timberlake

Timbaland has an upcoming song called Give It To Me featuring Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake. In it, Justin sings:

Could you speak up and stop mumbling
I dont think you’re even clear
When you’re sitting on the top
it’s hard to hear you from way up there.
I saw you tryin to act cute on TV
“Just let me clear the air.”
We missed you on the charts last week
Damn that’s right, you wasn’t there

People are saying this is about Janet Jackson in response to her appearance on Oprah where she conceded that Justin could have done more to defend her after her nipple incident. Janet also admitted Justin tried to reach out to her, but she has not contacted him. That’s just as well since you’ll never know when Janet’s roid rage would take over. I’m impressed she hasn’t sprouted a penis and mustache yet. Although she does have a nice set of abs and impressive muscles. Jermaine Dupri must be in heaven. If you wanted to give the song a listen, press play. Sorry about the quality.


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JT, maybe you should stick to singing “girl, Im’ma come bang you” songs ad nauseam.

Kizzy Juarez

I don’t think it’s fair for every person who has ever worked with Woody Allen to have to cower and apologize for the career decisions they made. Nor should everyone who ever worked with Harvey Weinstein be required to do so. It’s distracting from the real issue. The real issue is the pattern of awful behavior towards women in Hollywood (and everywhere) – not torch-and-pitchforking every person who ever had anything to do with a person who perpetrated that awful behavior. Stay on task, people.

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