K-Fed to recieve less than a million

Despite the rumors of Kevin Federline receiving $10 million or so upon leaving Britney Spears, new sources say the payout will be less than $1 million. If this is true, then there’s even more reason to laugh at him and commend Britney, or whoever it was that convinced her, on drawing up an iron-clad pre-nup. I bet K-Fed didn’t even read it. He probably thought he was such a pimp, Britney would be blinded by love. Well I’m about to know a pimp who’s going to live in a 1 bedroom condo eating tv dinners every night. The source also laughs at Kevin’s attempt to gain custody of his two children despite not going through the same process with his OTHER two children with Shar Jackson.

Federline has “only spent four days with the baby [Jayden] since it was born.” Hinting at among the reasons for the break-up and Federline’s flimsy claim for custody, the source said he used the excuse that he was busy working, “but he didn’t come home after(wards).”

Yes my friends. K-Fed is for real. He’s like a mentally retarded kid who keeps trying out for the football team no matter how many times the coach kicks him off for eating the grass. In the back of everyone’s mind is a hope that someone puts Vanilla Ice 2.0 out of his misery, but just like you don’t tell your friend he’s about to pee on an electric fence, you leave Kevin be just to see what happens.

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