Kanye West is a douche

Update: Watch this on video.

At the MTV Europe Awards, Justice and Simian (don’t know who they are) won for best video. Kanye crashed the stage because he was butt hurt he didn’t win for his video, Touch the Sky. Kanye proceeded to so eloquently quip:

“F**k dis! (My video) cost a million dollars, Pamela Anderson was in it, I was jumping across canyons and s**t! If I don’t win, the awards show loses credibility. Nothing against you (J&S), but hell man.”

Oh s**t, he was jumping across canyons! BAD ASS. Mr. West goes on to prove how much of an idiot he is.

“I haven’t seen (the Justice and Simian video). Possibly it could have been quite good but no way better than ‘Touch The Sky’.

“That is complete bullshit, I paid a million. Obviously it’s not all about the money, but the response it got transcended everything, it really made great TV.”

“It took a month to film; I stood on a mountain; I flew a heliocopter over Vegas. I did it to be the king of all videos and I wanted to walk home with that award.”

He said of the Justice and Simian’s win: “That was some spread the love bullshit, ‘Oh everyone should have an award’. Please press people print ‘Kanye says f**k that!”

Does this sense of entitlement come naturally or are you just blessed with being a natural douchebag. I want to go on record and say I haven’t seen Kanye’s video, but it most totally sucked ass. It would be nice if next time he’s in the middle of one of his tantrums someone punched him in the face. (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, hint, hint)

For comparison, Justice and Simian’s We Are Your Friends video:

Kanye West’s Touch the Sky video.

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16 years ago

Kanye is the biggest douche Bag Alive!

blob bee dee
blob bee dee
16 years ago

wow, Kanye’s video sucks it big time
the other ones not the greatest either, but its kinda fun at least

kanye really is the worst rapper, glad the rest of the world is seeing what a whiny crybaby he is too

16 years ago

Wow, this video does suck! Really makes the song seem very trivial. I prefer the Justice & Simions video but that kinda suks too! Nice music tho! Kanye, less is more! Don’t blow a mil just cause you can! That negro has gone fully hollywood!!!

Linda Robins
16 years ago