Kevin Federline gives it away

Do you smell that? It’s desperation and it’s coming from K-Fed’s direction. The aspiring rapper has generously cut ticket prices for his breakout concert tour by a whopping 100%. That’s right, if you’re in Chicago tonight and you want to laugh at the guy who failed at both a music career and a marriage, you can do it for $0.00. Everyone who lives in Chicago should go to tonight’s House of Blues show and boo at Kevin. It would be nice if it was sold out and someone got it on video. Come on people, it will be fun and sort of free (taxes). Don’t forget to send me a clip. I would feel kind of bad if he started crying though, well, for a few minutes anyway.

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17 years ago

for a few minutes? f**k that. Its not worth a few minutes, i’m using those minutes looking at the new pics of Britney.