Kevin Federline is poorer by the minute

In the latest chapter of the saga that is K-Fed, Page Six reports the lyrical mastermind was spotted with his entourage arriving in Miami by bus instead of plane. His gang of misfits went shopping, but didn’t buy anything. Then they ate a cheap dinner before heading to club Mansion where they were comped.

Look Kevin, K-Fed, Fed-ex, Douchebag or whatever your name is. My offer still stands. Being a human piñata at my party isn’t that bad. We use wooden bats and the pay is superb. Don’t you want to excel at at least one thing in life? Aww forget it. You’d probably suck at that too.

Anyway, best of luck in your countersuit asking for custody of your two children with Britney. I hear you’re going to use Britney’s much publicized mishaps like driving with the baby in her lap and driving with the car seat facing the wrong way. You better think of an excuse when the judge asks you why you didn’t ask for custody of your other two children with Shar Jackson or even pay her child support. And remember. Pouring beer down a baby’s throat is not “gangsta.” So you might want to leave that part out.

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