Kim Cattrall might shave

Kim Cattrall

I was debating whether or not to post these disturbing pictures. I had some reservations stemming from the fact you can’t really see anything and that it’s Kim Cattrall and that would be like staring up the skirt of an 80-year-old grandma. Oddly enough, the camera didn’t catch the spirits that floated out of her crotch, but trust me, they were running for their lives.

Remember that commercial she did for Pepsi where everyone thought she was so sexy in the hot tub. No one found that sexy. That was some spiteful joke Pepsi pulled during the Superbowl. It’s the whole reason I have forsaken Pepsi.

Kim CattrallKim CattrallKim CattrallKim CattrallKim Cattrall

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Are you just JEALOUS that you will NEVER look that good at her age?


hey you can’t really see anything. and may be that’s beige color underwear.
anyways, shaving is not topical nowadays.

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