Lindsay Lohan goes to AA

Earlier this month Lindsay Lohan was caught sporting a 90 days sober chip which was said to be for her friend. Today Page Six reports a “spy” saw her at 7:30AM at an AA meeting near the Sierra Towers where she lives.

“She has attended several meetings and has hopefully decided to turn her life around – this time for good. She is out of control.” Lohan skipped Thanksgiving with her mom, Dina, and her family because she knew “someone would force an intervention on her.” So Dina – who likes a party almost as much as her wild-child daughter – has arrived in L.A. to convince Lindsay to stay home some nights.

Yea, sure, why not. By the time she quits drinking and smoking she’ll look like she’s 50 years old and sound like a frog. And her mom sounds like such a lovely blood sucker. Dina’s gotta protect that investment so she can keep on living the good life for another 30 years. She probably watches Lindsay have sex to make sure no one does anything kinky to hurt her which makes it pretty hard to sneak in that Donkey Punch.

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16 years ago

A drunkard before she hits 21? Now that takes talent!