Lindsay Lohan is psycho

Lindsay Lohan had a breakdown in London last Tuesday. She hooked up with some guy named Calum Best at London’s Sanderson Hotel where she was staying. Best tried to hit it and split it which sent Lindsay into a jealous rage. She was sure he was on his way to meet another girl and not go to work like he said. Lindsay then called security to help her force Calum to stay.

“In the end they managed to calm her down but she went to bed in a real strop, cursing Calum and saying she never wanted to see him again. He jumped into a car and sped off.”

God, I want to know what kind of man would sleep with Lindsay these days. Haven’t they heard the horror story about the last guy she slept with? The stds he got set up tents on his testicles and invaded his ass crack. He got lucky because five days later there was a civil war and they wiped themselves out.

Here she is shopping. For something slutty I presume.

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16 years ago

Calum Best is George Best’s son, and renowned lothario. It surprises me more that Lohan got with him than he with her, all his STI’s prolly cured hers. He is also balding. You are slipping, Lindsay! Go back to collecting all of McFly!