Lindsay Lohan might be a cutter

Both the Daily Mail and The Sun have articles about Lindsay Lohan being a cutter. They both show the same picture of her wrist minus bandage with a series of scars in what The Sun’s expert dubs “telltale signs.” Reps for Lohan have denied the rumors saying she just scraped herself after falling in some bushes.

Some of the scars are fresh and just above those there are a number of injuries which look older. They are called keloid scars and are just beginning to disappear. It would be difficult to argue this is an accident as there are just too many scars.

Jeez, attention whore. That’s what I would be saying if I was heartless. As luck would have it, my doctors have informed me I was born without a heart. In its place is a large piece of coal. Then again they also told me I have cancer and cured me by removing my kidney. The next day I see it up for auction on eBay. Who would buy a piece of cancer? Idiots.

Here’s Lindsay Lohan kissing Dona Karan.

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