Lindsay Lohan overdosed maybe

The National Enquirer, best known to everyone as the pillar of truth, is reporting Lindsay Lohan overdosed on cocaine and pain killers November 12. A doctor was rushed to her room at the Chateau Marmont after she was found unconscious by a friend.

Although the doctor was able to revive the hard-partying star, he was horrified to discover a “stash of cocaine and a pile of prescription drugs” in the room, an insider told The ENQUIRER exclusively.

The doctor flushed the cocaine down the toilet and bagged up seven different prescription drugs, according to the insider.

“The doctor insisted, ‘This girl had a serious drug overdose. She has to go into a hospital and then into rehab.'”

Lindsay Lohan refused to do either. Take the story for what you will because it’s The National Enquirer. Plus, I thought Lindsay was already moving out in October. In any case, this is about as shocking as Clay Aiken admitting he’s gay since the only thing more manly than Clay Aiken is a pink bicycle with a horn and tassels.

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