Luke Wilson is a diva

Sources on the set of Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale’s new movie, Vacancy, say the two co-stars can’t stand each other and that Luke is a diva. Luke is described showing up hungover bragging about all the girls he hooked up with and how drunk he got.

“He doesn’t want anyone on the set in his line of sight except the director,” said another spy – and that includes his leading lady Beckinsale. Wilson is “outwardly rude and awful to Kate,” the second source said. He often doesn’t show up for “reversal” shots, where he is off-camera but needs to be there for Beckinsale to relate to when she speaks. Instead, he sends a stand-in.

Wilson’s friend denied these claims and says Luke is professional and courteous and is able to bang 4 groupies in one night. Had I been in Luke’s place, I would have charmed Kate with my wit. Then she would leave her husband and run away to Africa with me where we would adopt African babies and we would make passionate love in our little mansion hut and when it rains we’ll argue over why it seems I never have time to fix the leaky roof and then one day I’ll walk in to see Kate cheating on me with my best friend Matumbo and I’ll run away bawling. Why, Kate, why?! We were so good together!

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