Michael Richards apologizes

Seinfeld was on Letterman Monday and brought Michael Richards on to apologize. This was pretty awkward the way it was cut and the way Richards acts. “I’m not a racist! That’s what’s so insane about this!” [Cut to Jerry]. Jerry talks as Richards looks on nervously like a little kid.

I put up a better version. Now what I said above makes no sense. It sounds like people thought this was a joke. I died of laughter when Jerry said “Stop laughing, it’s not funny.” Not much he can do now.

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17 years ago

Today is definitely the day to write about Michael Richards. I took the satirical angle today. I’m still shocked that someone could lose their cool that badly in the face of a common occurrence.

Richards is also the guy who lost his cool with Andy Kaufman way back when on Fridays. Maybe he needs anger management.

Billy Bob
Billy Bob
17 years ago

I gotta say Michael Richards is now my HERO. It’s about time someone stop treating these a$$holes with kid gloves because (oh boo hoo) they’re black.

And these two stooges are so smart that now they’re in the media saying Michael Richards should apologize to them (for being bigmouth a$$holes) and GIVE THEM MONEY!!

You can dress ’em up in oxford shirst and put ’em on the Today Show (and teach ’em a few words and maybe a whole sentence) but they’re still just dumb, bigmouth C00ns.

Hooray to Kramer for shouting down they’re blackasses for a change. :O)

Just A Guy
Just A Guy
17 years ago

Seinfeld scrambles to save syndication royalties. What a turd.