Michelle Rodriguez kind of comes out

Michelle Rodriguez has been outed and the assist goes to her lover, Kristanna Loken. When The Advocate mentioned news about them getting close on Bloodrayne during an interview, Kristanna confirmed everyone’s suspicions

What about all the stuff that was said about you and Michelle on the shoot?
[Laughs, then takes a deep breath] There is the $64,000 question. Um…I don’t even know how to answer that.

It seems like you both had a lot of fun partying.
Uh-huh. [Smiles, doesn’t say anything]

OK, your silence says volumes. [Both laugh]
Just don’t look upstairs, OK?

Ooh, OK. You don’t want me to print that?
You can print it. [Laughs again] The very hot housekeeper. No, just joking.

Wow, how shocking. No way. And I suppose you’ll be telling me Clay Aiken is gay too. Even without Kristanna’s roundabout quote, anyone with half a brain could tell that the mustached woman is lesbian. Michelle’s voice is so deep that whenever she speaks whales fall in love with her.

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16 years ago

i love michelle and i think they look cute together, so im very happy for them!