Mischa Barton is almost naked

News to me, but Mischa Barton is in a new movie called The Oh in Ohio and she has a sex scene. It’s supposed to be in the dark and she’s supposed to be naked, but I have my doubts. First, it’s in the dark so there wouldn’t be a need to get naked and second I don’t see a nipple. And if my knowledge of the female species is correct, boobs should have nipples and my come hither look should automatically make women horny. Egotastic has a few more, but it’s the same no nipple thing.

Judging by the movie title, there should be even more sex, so I found a list from a site called Kids in Mind. I’m posting it because of how technically descriptive it is. Continue reading if you want to see it. There are 14 sex scenes and the first one describes Mischa’s. My favorite is #4 because it totally turns me on. Oh baby. Oh baby.

  1. A young woman and her older high school teacher check into a hotel room, she smokes marijuana and blows smoke in his mouth, she pushes him back on the bed, she straddles him and removes her top (we see the silhouette of her bare breasts and abdomen), they kiss and it is implied that they have sex (we hear moaning).
  2. We see a woman in bed with several different men (each shown bare-chested), having sex — the man is shown thrusting each time and then asking her about whether she climaxed.
  3. A husband and wife have sex in the back of a car (we hear moaning and see the car moving rhythmically).
  4. A woman lies in bed, there is rhythmic movement from under the covers, another woman comes out from under the covers and she has apparently been performing oral sex on her.
  5. A man and a woman kiss in a pool, they move off-screen, and we hear moaning (afterward the woman talks about climaxing, and we see flesh tones through the water and their swimsuits floating nearby).
  6. A woman uses a sex aid repeatedly and we hear her moaning and climaxing in each scene. A woman sets her phone on vibrate, puts it in her pants and calls herself, and when it buzzes she reacts like it is giving her sexual pleasure.
  7. Several women attend a masturbation class and are instructed to name, draw and study their vaginas.
  8. Two women walk through a dance club, we see them each dancing with different men, and one kisses a man while they dance. A man and a woman kiss in bed (the man’s bare chest is visible). A young woman and an older man kiss.
  9. A woman with a cell phone set on vibrate in her pants moans and climaxes while making a presentation to several people in the room.
  10. A man and a young woman take off their clothes and jump into a swimming pool (it is dark and we see their nude silhouettes; no real detail is evident). A woman wears a bikini top that reveals cleavage and bare abdomen. We see a woman in a swimsuit on a TV commercial and a man in the commercial pretends to tap her on the buttocks (we see this commercial many times). Two women wear low-cut dresses that reveal cleavage. A woman wears a bikini and a man wears swim trunks when swimming.
  11. A young woman gets into the car of her high school teacher, he tells her to get down, she puts her head in his lap, and then she sits back up and they drive away.
  12. A young woman lifts her shirt to reveal her bra to a man in a store; the man chases her through the store and is interrupted by the young woman’s father.
  13. A husband hears a buzzing coming from inside his wife’s bedroom and assumes that she is using a sex aid (it’s her toothbrush). We see an assortment of sex aids in a store and a woman asks a sales clerk for assistance.
  14. A husband talks about his sex life with his wife, and that he would do anything for her and that they use sex aids together. Two women talk about the possibility that a woman is addicted to her sex aid. A woman working in a sex store propositions another woman and tells her that she will be able to satisfy her. A husband and wife talk to a doctor about sexual dysfunction and the woman’s inability to climax. A man talks about his sexual abilities in a few scenes, as well as about the size of his genitals. Two women discuss sexual dysfunction and frigidity in several scenes. A doctor talks about the center of the self, and that for men it is the genitals.
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17 years ago

Looks like she has pasties on. Not uncommon for non-close-up film and silhouette work.