Nicole Richie doesn’t make sense

Nicole Richie recently checked herself into a posh $80k a month treatment center called Beau Monde for her eating disorder. Oops, I mean she checked herself in to figure out why she can’t gain any weight. Nicole didn’t even make it to the third day when she checked herself out to go shopping. Later she was seen partying with Lindsay Lohan. I think that may have been the party she fainted at. Probably due to her eating disorder. Oops again. I meant inability to gain weight.

The staffers at Beau Monde begged her to stay, reports the tab, which quotes a source as saying, “Nicole is in complete denial and oblivious to how sick she really is.”

We could sit here and debate whether or not Nicole Richie has an eating disorder. Or you can stop lying to yourself and realize not only does she have an eating disorder, she lacks willpower. I mean, gosh, what a fatty. Stop stuffing all those cheeseburgers down your throat Cartman. You eat 500 calories a day? What. Are you going into hibernation or something?

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17 years ago