Not attractive at all

Eva Longoria has to be the most overrated piece of celebrity meat right now. Here she is at the premiere of Harsh Times looking like you expect she would when not on TV. Ugly, er, I mean uglier. What a pretty fake smile you have. I was watching the previews for this movie and all I could think about was why Christian Bale, who was in Batman, The Machinist, American Psycho and Equilibrium, ever agree to star in a movie with Eva Longoria. If we’re lucky, she’ll have the same amount of lines as she did in The Sentinel.

Who lets her in movies anyway. You expect a girl like this to star in a video where she emotes while being pummeled like a blow-up doll at a frat party, not star in films with Christian Bale and Michael Douglas.

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Lady Metal
17 years ago

I kinda like her as an actress…