Pamela Anderson had a miscarriage

It has been confirmed that Pamela Anderson had suffered a miscarriage while filming her movie Blonde and Blonder. Her pregnancy was said to be in the early stages.

The source confirms that the actress did not go to the hospital to be treated, but instead had a doctor come to her to determine the miscarriage. The stress and the pressure of her rigorous filming schedule is believed to have caused the miscarriage.

That movie is bad news. First Denise Richards hits an old lady, now a miscarriage due to stress. Next there’s going to be a fire on set that will burn down all of Vancouver. Then half the cast will be horribly disfigured and who wants to watch disfigured people have sex? More than once?

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Cptn. Shiy
Cptn. Shiy
16 years ago

I’ve read up on the causes of miscarriages and stress causing a miscarriage is actually 100% false.