Paris Hilton pukes on stage

Some guy I’ve never heard of named Joshua Radin, supposedly some good singer (generic), was in Las Vegas sitting next to Paris catching the Jay-Z show. He verifies the fact that Paris is beyond narcissistic saying she took out a compact to stare at herself every 6 minutes and posed while Jay-Z was performing two feet away. She’d drown in a fountain from staring at her reflection too closely. The only thing that would save her is her stupidity after she forgets how to breathe and someone pulls her out.

But I digress. After Jay-Z left, it was Paris’ turn to dazzle everyone by lip syncing to two of her songs. Fortunately for the crowd, Paris had been drinking straight Grey Goose. She got up onto the stage, puked then left. Ironically, this is usually the audience reaction. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. I’d rather watch two cats go at it than listen to Paris sing. There’s a video of Paris being a fool during his performance, but sadly no video of her puking.

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