The 2006 American Music Awards

The American Music Awards were on yesterday. Did anyone care? Not sure, but the Black-Eyed Peas and the Red Hot Chili Peppers won big. I sorta stopped right there because it can only get worse. Instead of telling you who won what, here are some of the celebrities that attended. More after the jump along with some insightful commentary.

Ashlee Simpson
I’m glad this girl isn’t a regular news item anymore. She looks much different from the Ashlee Simpson of yesteryear. Like she’s made of plastic. Something to ponder.

Nice cleavage. Rock on, but hopefully not rock hard. Can’t say much about her music.

Britney Spears
This girl bounces between not hot and almost not not hot. In some shots, she’s not hot. What’s with the hair.

Carmen Electra
She looks like she’s going for the Christina Aguilera thing minus the see through clothes. Commitment is key Carmen.

Gwen Stefani
Jesus. Next.

Some little teenybopper with a average rack and that’s about it. Crap. That makes me dirty doesn’t it.

Katharine McPhee
One picture reminds me of Catherine-Zeta Jones. Other pictures remind me I don’t care.

Nicole Richie

Sarah Silverman
Yea baby. Show us your tits. Woo. Why am I not laughing? Oh, it’s Sarah Silverman.

Carrie Underwood
Some chick from American Idol. Good for a night on the town and not much else.

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