Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are marrying

The Family

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes will marry in Bracciano, Italy this Saturday. It will take place at Odescalchi Castle and its $50,000 fee has been waived by the mayor because of all the attention their small town is getting. Many are speculating it will be a Scientology wedding where the marital advice given includes: never go to bed angry at each other, newlywed girls expect frills and maybe a cat (what?), young men are prone to forget their promises.

Katie Holmes has reportedly spent $3,000 on a bra, thongs, a garter belt and silk stalkings among other pieces of lingerie. While her wedding dress has been made by Giorgio Armani. Stars attending the event include Jim Carrey, Jenny McCarthy, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Will Smith, Jada Pinkett, Victoria and David Beckham and Brooke Shields.

Wow, I’m still stuck on giving your wife a cat and the warning that “young men are prone to forget their promises.” Why give your wife anything at all? Isn’t the whole point of marriage to legally bind a girl to be your personal chef, maid and sex slave?

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