24 doesn’t want Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston recently put her name forward to guest star on the still popular show 24. But just like what happens in her relationships, they rejected her. The producer’s excuse is

You can’t put those people on (the show) because they’re too recognisable. They’ll take you (viewers) out of the reality.

Also rejected once before was Ben Stiller. This is great. Jennifer Aniston is now one step closer to laying in a bathtub clutching a plugged in hairdryer debating whether or not she has a reason to live. You could try to talk her out of it, but every argument you make would end with her being alone. So the only advice you can give her is to use a razorblade and slice vertically because the hairdryer will just trip the breaker.

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16 years ago

TG! That Joel Surnow was smart enough to keep this SUPER BAD TRYING TO BE ACTRESS off of his dynamite show 24. As far as I’m concerned, Jennifer has had her 15 min of fame, and she can now go play some mommy roles somewhere. SHE IS ALMOST 40 ISN’T SHE!! Maybe LIFETIME COULD USE HER!! I use to be a fan of hers, but she HAS SO TOTALLY DESTROYED HERSELF, WITH ALL OF HER LIES, AND CRAZY NEUROTIC PSYCHO TYPE BEHAVIOR TOWARDS HER EX AND HIS NEWFOUND FAMILY; WHICH BTW ARE JUST LOVELY AND ARE DOING JUST GREAT. WHY?… Read more »

16 years ago

very well said jenni! i can’t stand this dimwit either!! she has really screwed up her acting credibility big time with all of her lies and bad mouthing. if its true that Brad still talks to her, then he probably feel extremely sorry for this dimwit, and maybe he’s afraid that she’ll kill herself or something. its obvious she’s not a strong person at all, and after all of the bad things that she told the magazine about her ex being gay and all, man this dimwit is a total wreck, and i too agree that she desperately needs some… Read more »