Britney has some explaining to do

The Los Angeles Department of Children & Family Services want to have a little chat with Britney ever since she was seen by half of America flashing her vagina. They aren’t the only ones concerned as her family wants to stage an intervention.

Her family is aghast at her all-night partying with Hilton and Davis and were mortified when, on four separate occasions, Spears was shot by paparazzi not wearing any underwear.

The family source said her mother, Lynne, “is very disturbed and has been trying to get a hold of Britney, but she can’t. Lynne, Britney’s brother, Brian, and her dad, Jamie, are very upset and are trying to stage an intervention with [Spears’ manager] Larry Rudolph’s help.”

There’s not much they can do. When you start hanging out with Paris Hilton, you’ve already lost your soul. Just take a look at the banner photo. She’s walking out of a liquor store with a lei. There’s no rhyme or reason here. Her children would be safer lying face down in a bathtub. At least then they know what’s going to happen next.

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