Clay Aiken is what?

Clay Aiken

I’m appalled by today’s blind item from The New York Daily News,

Which Middle-American pop star, who really should have learned to stay off the Internet, has been chatting online again? Apparently his ultimate romantic ambition is a simultaneous date with an entire NBA team (except he didn’t use quite those words).

The name on everyone’s lips is Clay Aiken. Clay Aiken? No way Clay Aiken is gay much less is he fantasizing about a gang bang with an entire NBA team. That dude’s a pin-up for masculinity. Whenever I get into an argument over who’s the toughest celebrity SOB, I take a picture of Clay Aiken out of my wallet and shove it in their silly little faces. The silence is deafening as I gently put it back making sure the corners don’t get bent. Clay Aiken has a predilection for NBA dick? How dare you sir.

  • JennaJ

    That’s the dumbest blind item EVER! HAHAHAHAHA

    AS IF.

    “……I …..see…… stoopid people!”


  • Yea, this is a retarded blind item…I have fantasies about getting with entire NBA teams, too…does that mean I deserve to be in the NY Post?

  • Suzie

    Looks like Aiken isn’t going to catch a break in 2007, either. How about all of those sites that published that he was pursuing Reichen Lehmkuhl [Amazing Race] after citing a similar blind item which stated a “spikey haired singer” was dating him print retractions? Because, as it turned out, it wasn’t Aiken after all, was it? Oh, apparently that’s not done these days. Everyone and anyone is just free to post assumptions without a shred of evidence and then they are not required to correct anything, even when it is proved that statements posted are false. Gotta love your disclaimer. However, this is no way negates the fact that some rumors are clearly wrong and damaging. But as long as you get enough hits to keep this site running, all is good in your world. How about using your space to report something a bit more substantive, or at least a rumor that might have a shred of truth to it?

  • LaLa

    good lord shut up

  • Danny

    Only the gullible believe this crap. I’m outa here.

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