Elizabeth Hurley is a moron

Elizabeth Hurley only has famous people as friends because she finds hanging around regular people “too exhausting” and “bothersome“. And despite inviting all her celebrity friends to her wedding, she doesn’t want it to become a high profile event.

All I know is, I want my wedding to be a very, very private affair. I don’t want anything to take place in public where it feels like a movie premiere. In the end, famous people only ever end up hanging out with other famous people or in private places because it’s just too exhausting to be stared at and bothered the whole time. Some of my happiest memories are sitting in a pavement cafe, having some coffee, watching the world go round – and those days are just gone now.

Well pardon me, but Lizzie should be reveling in her quasi-celebrity status. If it wasn’t for the fact she’s just the ex-wife of Hugh Grant, then she’d never gotten a role in a Brendan Fraser movie. In her biography, they would describe that as the pinnacle of her career. People like this are retarded. Hurley is a haggard has-been thinking strangers quiver in her presence when the only thing people really want to know is was god thinking about a man when he made her? I don’t even want to put up any more pictures of her.

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16 years ago

Sorry but Hugh didn’t even marry her. She’s famous for being an unwed mother to a son whose father didn’t even believe he was. Ick.

16 years ago

Elizabeth hurley thinks that her sh**t dont stink just because shes a “celebrity”. Well honey your sh**t stinks just as bad as anyone elses.