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The video is related to Kal Penn being in the horrible Van Wilder 2. Old? Yea, but anything has got to be better than that movie. (If my host goes down I’m going to hurt someone. I’m going to hurt someone.)

Gwen Stefani has her own fragrance. Will it smell like ass? One can only hope. [Glitterati]

Adrianne Curry fixed her boobs. This chick always seemed crazy to me. Wait, that’s because she is. [Celebslam]

Rihanna has side boobs. Too bad she’s also got that crazy forehead. [Bastardly]

Britney Spears’ crotch photos won’t stop. I think on the 5th time you’re officially a slut and you get some sort of badge. [CityRag]

New York is back. I should really watch at least one episode of Flavor of Love. Nah. [Celebrity Smack]

Paris Hilton’s bikini waxer speaks. Blame her for making Paris feel comfortable enough to flash. [Hollywood Rag]

Stacy Keibler is not in a bikini showing her ass in these pics. So…why take them at all? [Hollywoodtuna]

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