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Mariah Carey thinks she’s going to be mistaken for a porn star. Not with those chunky thighs she’s not. [Celebrity Smack]

Posh Spice threatens lawsuit. She thinks her jeans are more awesome than they really are and wants to get paid. [Glitterati]

Mel Gibson is bat s**t insane. [Pajiba]

Mandy Moore forgives Wilmer Valderrama for telling everyone she’s a slut. What a slut. [Celebslam]

Heather Mills got over $200 million in a secret settlement. Someone also found a bunch of photos of her and Paul that was thrown out including “Mills draped in a sheet in bed, with her artificial leg standing in a black stiletto nearby.” Jesus, it’s too early for an erection. [Celebitchy]

Tori Spelling has some weird stuff at her yard sale. No sign of her career. [CityRag]

Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman aren’t too friendly. So this is what the death of comedy looks like. [Popsugar]

Kelly Clarkson vandalizes Amy Lee from Evanescence’s house. [Just Jared]

Random message to Paris Hilton. [Drunken Stepfather]

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