In other news

Here’s some news to fill that void in your soul.

  1. Eddie Murphy outshines Jennifer Hundson who outshines Beyonce? Wacky. [Pajiba]
  2. Shanna Moakler is horny. Me too. Me too. [Celebslam]
  3. Mel Gibson has a secret love child. Also the GBCA’s. [Celebrity Smack]
  4. Lakers fans hate Britney Spears. [The Evil Beet]
  5. Emmanuelle Chriqui at the Rocky Balboa premiere. [Bastardly]
  6. Billy Idol has a Christmas album. [Celebitchy]
  7. Kevin Federline and Jennifer Aniston get cozy. Huh? [The Bosh]
  8. The newest elf. [CityRag]
  9. Hilary Duff will play a Russian pop star. [Hollywoodtuna]
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