In other news

Sheesh the site was slow yesterday. I’ll be moving hosts soon, very soon. Probably during Christmas when the only people visiting this site are drunk and choking on their own vomit.

  1. Larry King loves Christmas. Yes! We found the real Scrooge. [CityRag]
  2. The Shrek 3 trailer is…um. Is this series still going on? [Celebitchy]
  3. Lindsay Lohan won’t be back on Oprah? Who invited her in the first place? [The Evil Beet]
  4. Ron Goldman’s father is suing O.J. Simpson. Luckily O.J. is still a millionaire because of his untouchable pension. [Gawker]
  5. John Travolta is fat, but not phat. [Celebslam]
  6. Heather Graham isn’t what she used to be. [Celebrity Smack]
  7. The Pursuit of Happiness may be worth watching. [Pajiba]
  8. Adriana Lima vs. Kelly Brook. I vote Kelly Brook all the way. [The Bastardly]
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