In other news

I’ll be catching a plane later today so you might not see any news. I know I’ll be missed, but don’t worry. Just remember this. We Are! Mar-shall! Happy Holidays.

  1. Britney Spears is trashy. Annoyingly so. [Celebitchy]
  2. Lindsay Lohan narrowly avoided another vagina mishap. [Celebrity Smack]
  3. We Are Marshall attempts the usual inspired by actual events sappiness in order to draw attention away from the fact your wallet is being raped. Hard. [Pajiba]
  4. Elton John and Sting snuggle. [CityRag]
  5. Lara Flynn Boyle married and not to Jack Nicholson. [Yeeeah!]
  6. P. Diddy was allowed to breed. [Glitterati]
  7. K-Fed is aiming for the lower echelons and will wrestle. [The Evil Beet]
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